The Author

  My life has been a continuing adventure filled with volumes of unique people, varied cultures and wild episodes ranging from the tragic to the uproarious.  Throughout the years I have been lauded as an effective narrative story teller.  Now I have the time to reflect and write these stories.  They cover a wide breadth, spanning politics, economics, science, sci-fi and, in the future, fantasy.

I promise my readers the following:  first, action, mystery and suspense; second, a plausible plot.  (Making the improbable possible is my hallmark); third, believable characters you will relate to before the story ends; and fourth (my number one), you will not finish one of my books without learning something new.  You may not agree with everything (or anything) I write.  But you will definitely be stimulated by new ideas and new facts you probably weren't aware of before you thumbed the first page.

As to my experience, I am a lifetime entrepreneur.  I have owned and managed several companies, ranging from global importing and exporting of steel components to medical blood-products to scientific bio-research.

I was an activist in my youth, meeting and talking with many big-name politicos of the day.  I assisted several friends that entered politics and had long, successful careers.  One is an elected official still in office today, occupying a very powerful position in our government.  (If I posted his name here he would never listen to my political rants again).


Since the early 1970's I have traveled the world (I am still trying to burn through an accumulation of frequent-flyer miles).  Although I did a great deal of business in Europe, the Pacific was my 'pond', not the Atlantic.  I experienced firsthand the economic miracle of Asia, witnessing China's major population centers evolve from Mao suits and hordes of bicycles to vibrant centers of capitalism that, today, rival Hong Kong.

Through the years I sold all of my companies, the last to a Fortune 500 corporation and have since focused upon writing.  Writing is not new territory.  My undergraduate degree in history, English and philosophy  was a yeoman's apprenticeship in writing and development of new thoughts.  My graduate degree in business was, in part, numbers and charts.  But the other half developed skills necessary for communication of ideas, ninety-percent in writing.  Leading a company demands not only concise, well-written strategies, but tactics clearly spelled out.

For years I have written stories as a hobby.  Now I have the time to seriously pursue this newest chapter in my life-adventure.  I have made a study of other writers and their genres.  One of my favorite pleasure-reads are thrillers.  I appreciate the form and function.   A well-written thriller immerses the reader in a previously-unknown world inhabited by stimulating, smart characters.  The best authors build action to a pulse-quickening crescendo that makes believable the improbable-possible scenario. And, at the end of the roller-coaster ride, the reader has gained something they would never have sought on their own; knowledge in an unexplored realm.  This is what I strive to achieve in my latest book, The Gravity of Zero.

I encourage you to read The Gravity of Zero.  It is a death-straddling thriller incorporating the latest theoretical laws of physics that are believed to govern our universe.  I also include a few of my own out-of-the-box conclusions.  At the least, Ben Dabrowski and Ryan Yeager (the central characters) will provide you an exciting story well worth the price of admission.


Mark Farrell